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Atmosphère & environnement

Contexte de la recherche et objectifs

Chemical processes play a central role in altering chemical species entering the atmosphere. They may lead to the formation of ozone and other photooxidants and secondary organic aerosols, which impact climate and air quality.

They can also affect the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere, which is one of the major determinants of the concentration of organic compounds in the atmosphere. The laboratory kinetic and mechanistic parameters are of crucial importance to improve the quality of the atmospheric chemical models.

The activities of the atmospheric reactivity group of ICARE span from accurately measuring reaction rate parameters and determining chemical mechanisms to field measurements of some keys atmospheric players. The main themes that we dealt with within last few years are :

  • Atmospheric degradation of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds and secondary organic aerosols formation
  • Gas-surface interactions (atmospheric aerosols and ‘depolluting materials’)
  • Reactions influencing the oxidative capacity of the troposphere
  • Field measurements and instrument intercalibration.