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Articles dans des revues internationales ou nationales avec comité de lecture

Experimental and kinetic modeling study of trans-methyl 3-hexenoate oxidation in JSR and the role of C=C double bond.
K. Zhang, C. Togbé, G. Dayma, P. Dagaut.
Combust. Flame 161(3) 818–825 (2014).

Experimental and Detailed Kinetic Model for the Oxidation of a Gas to Liquid Jet Fuel.
P. Dagaut, F. Karsenty, G. Dayma, P. Diévart, K. Hadj-Ali, A. Mzé-Ahmed, Th. Kick, J. Herbst, T. Kathrotia, M. Braun-Unkhoff, J. Herzler, C. Naumann, U. Riedel.
Combust. Flame 161(3) 835–847 (2014).

Incipient chemical kinetics of excited-state species during n-nonane oxidation in oxygen/argon.
B. Rotavera, P. Dagaut, and E. L. Petersen.
Combust. Flame 161(5) 1146–1163 (2014).

A comprehensive combustion chemistry study of 2,5-dimethylhexane.
S. M. Sarathy, T. Javed, F. Karsenty, A. Heufer, W. Wang, S. Park, A. Elwardany, A. Farooq, C.K. Westbrook, W.J. Pitz, M.A. Oehlschlaeger, G. Dayma, H.J. Curran, P. Dagaut.
Combust. Flame 161(6) 1444–1459 (2014).

Experimental Study of the Oxidation of n-Tetradecane in a JSR and Detailed Chemical Kinetic Modeling
A. Mzé-Ahmed, P. Dagaut, G. Dayma, P. Diévart, K. Hadj-Ali.
Combust Sci. Technol. 186(4-5) 594–606 (2014).

Experimental investigation of Valeric biofuels in a compression ignition engine.
F. Contino, F. Foucher, F. Halter, C. Mounaïm-Rousselle, G. Dayma, P. Dagaut.
Journal of Energy Engineering 140(3), A4014013 (2014).

New insights into the peculiar behavior of laminar burning velocities of hydrogen-air flames according to pressure and equivalence ratio. G. Dayma, F. Halter, P. Dagaut. Combt. Flame 161(9) 2235–2241 (2014).

An alternative to trial-error methodology in solid phase extraction : an original automated solid phase extraction procedure for analysing PAHs and PAHs-derivatives in soot.
A. Andrade-Eiroa, R. Shahla, M.N. Romanías, P. Dagaut.
RSC Adv. 4 (63), 33636–33644 (2014)

Combustion of a Gas-to-Liquid-Based Alternative Jet Fuel : Experimental and Detailed Kinetic Modeling.
P. Dagaut, G. Dayma, P. Diévart, K. Hadj-Ali, A. Mzé-Ahmed.
Combust Sci. Technol. 186 (10-11) 1275–1283 (2014).

Photodegradation of pyrene on Al2O3 surfaces. A kinetic and product study under simulated atmospheric conditions.
M.N. Romanias, A. Andrade-Eiroa, R. Shahla, Y. Bedjanian, A.G. Zogka, A. Philippidis, P. Dagaut.
J. Phys. Chem. A 118 (34), 7007–7016 (2014).

Effectiveness of the TDAC method to model iso-octane combustion for a large range of ozone seeding and temperature conditions in a single cylinder HCCI engine.
F.Contino, J.-B. Masurier, F. Foucher, T. Lucchini, G. d’Errico, P. Dagaut.
Fuel 137, 179–184 (2014)

An experimental and modeling study of 2-methyl-butanol oxidation in a jet-stirred reactor
Z. Serinyel, C. Togbé, G. Dayma,, P. Dagaut.
Combust. Flame 161(12) 3003–3013 (2014).

Quantitative Measurements of HO2 and Other Products of n-Butane Oxidation (H2O2, H2O, CH2O, and C2H4) at Elevated Temperatures by Direct Coupling of a Jet-Stirred Reactor with Sampling Nozzle and Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (cw-CRDS)
M. Djehiche, N.L. Le Tan, C. Jain, G. Dayma, P. Dagaut, C. Chauveau, L. Pillier, A. Tomas.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136 (47), 16689–16694 (2014).

Kinetics of oxidation of a 100% gas-to-liquid synthetic jet fuel and a mixture GtL/1-hexanol in a jet-stirred reactor : experimental and modeling study.
A. Mzé-Ahmed, P. Dagaut, G. Dayma, P. Diévart.
J. Eng. Gas Turbines and Power 137(1) 011503 (2015) Paper No. GTP-14-1346 (Aug 26, 2014).

Hypersonic boundary layer transition forced by wall injection : a numerical study.
E. Orlik, I. Fédioun, N. Lardjane.
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets (2014).

Comparison of improved finite-difference WENO schemes for the Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent non-reacting and reacting high-speed shear flows.
S. Zhao, N. Lardjane, I. Fédioun.
Computers & Fluids (2014).