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3.2 Écoulements hypersoniques

Autres activités de recherche du groupe IV :

3.1 : Propulsion spatiale

3.3 : Activités de recherche arrêtées

3.2.1 Rentrées atmosphériques

Activities of ICARE in this area are oriented towards the development of experimental research topics in connection with the ICARE facilities (Phedra, Marhy and Edith), whereas the numerical developments are conducted thanks to the collaborations established with the “Fluid Dynamics and Thermophysics” team of Marseille and the LEEM of Evry. Supersonic plasma flows in thermal non equilibrium Vehicles moving at high speed in a planetary atmosphere generate shock waves capable of (...)

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3.2.2 Contrôle d’écoulements supersoniques

Two approaches are developed at ICARE for supersonic flow control : the uses of plasma actuators and the application of standard mechanical methods. Flow control with plasmas This activity was initiated in 2004 concerning the effects of a surface electrical discharge over a flat plate. The discharge is created by two electrodes glued on the surface of the plate. Experiments were performed in the MARHy wind tunnel operating with air at Mach 2 under low density conditions. Heating (...)

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