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3.1 Propulsion spatiale

3.1.1 Propulsion électrique

Research activities of the Electric Propulsion team are mostly focused on the in-depth examination of the physics of various low-pressure discharges. The aims are twofold and concern on the one hand, the improvement of existing thrusters for satellites and interplanetary spacecrafts and, on the other hand, the design of innovative ion sources for the next generation of electric propulsion devices. Physics of Hall effect thrusters A Hall effect thruster is an advanced propulsion (...)

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3.1.2 Propulsion chimique Studies on propulsion by detonation waves This study is part of collaboration between ICARE and MBDA France and concerns both pulsed and continuous detonation wave engines. One aim is the evaluation, via numerical simulation, of the performance of a continuous detonation wave engine (CDWE). In CDWE, the propellants are injected into an annular cylindrical chamber and form a layer of fresh mixture, which is consumed by one or more detonation waves. Detonation waves continuously (...)

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