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1.7 Multiphase gasification and combustion phenomena

1.7.1 Vaporisation de gouttelettes et de nuages

This research axis concerns the vaporisation of liquid fuel droplets after the primary and secondary atomisation phases, and is important for reactive mixture formation analysis in liquid fuel combustion systems, such as liquid rocket engines or lean prevaporized premixed gas turbine applications. Our global objectives are to experimentally characterize and model the vaporization properties of various liquid fuel droplets at high pressure and temperature conditions. High pressure enhanced (...)

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1.7.3 Gazéification de la biomasse par des procédés allothermiques

A promising way to convert various biomass resources into new fuels (such as syngas or hydrogen) concerns the gasification of their non-comestible ligno-cellulosic fractions but also of various agricultural, forestry and municipal residues and wastes, including those having high humidity. The syngas produced can be either used as a gaseous fuel in gas engines or gas turbines or mixed with natural gas, or converted into liquid fuels by catalytic processes such as the well known (...)

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1.7.2 Combustion de particules d’aluminium

Studies on the combustion of metallic particles such as aluminium and magnesium are motivated by their use, actual or potential, in solid rocket propulsion applications. In the continuation of our past work on this topic, a study was conducted in cooperation with SME/SNPE (2006-2008) concerning the combustion properties of nanosized aluminium particle clouds. A new experimental set-up was developed which allows determining the flame propagation velocities in a cloud of aluminium (...)

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