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1.6 Dynamics of chemical explosions

1.6.1 Propriétés explosives fondamentales Methane – hydrogen and natural gas – syngas mixtures Among the fundamental properties of combustion, SL° is very important not only as a tool of chemical kinetic validation (see §2.1.1) but also because it leads to other parameters very important in chemical explosions : flammability limits, maximum overpressure rise, appearance of instabilities, Markstein length, etc. By using a detailed kinetic mechanism coupled with the experimental data, the Zeldovich number can then be derived. (...)

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1.6.2 Les flammes fortement accélérées Criteria for flame acceleration For more than a decade, ICARE has been involved in different programs with industrial partners (EDF, AREVA) as well as organisms (CEA, IRSN) concerned about the safety of nuclear power plants. In order to address the case of a severe accident involving hydrogen explosions, a highly instrumented facility (ENACCEF) has been developed in order to study the risk of flame acceleration and to propose a criteria that can identify potentially destructive (...)

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