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2.2.4 Heterogeneous photochemistry

This research activity currently being developed at ICARE is part of two ongoing projects. The ANR project PHOTODUST "Photocatalytic properties of mineral dust" aims to investigate the physico-chemical interactions of pure and organic coated mineral aerosols (authentic and synthetic) with trace gases from several chemical families (NOx, O3, SO2,…) under varying conditions corresponding to the real atmospheric environment (humidity, gas phase concentration and irradiation intensity and type).

The second project (French-German, INSU-DFG programme) PHOTONA "Photochemical Formation of nitrous acid in the atmosphere" is devoted to the identification and quantification of heterogeneous photochemical sources of nitrous acid (HONO) in relation with the oxidizing capacity of troposphere. Nitrous acid has attracted significant attention during the last few years since recent field measurements have demonstrated that the photolysis of HONO can be the dominant source of OH radicals in the lower atmosphere, the OH radical being the primary oxidant in the atmosphere, responsible for the oxidation and removal of most natural and anthropogenic trace gases.