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2.2.2 Interactions of HO2 radicals with sea salt aerosol.

Laboratory study of the interactions of HO2 radicals with sea salt aerosol was carried out in relation with the potential influence of this process on the HOx (OH + HO2) budget and oxidizing capacity of the marine troposphere. The uptake coefficients of HO2 radicals on synthetic sea salt, NaCl, NaBr and MgCl2×6H2O dry solid films were measured over the temperature range 240 to 340 K and at 1 Torr pressure of helium using a discharge flow reactor coupled to a modulated molecular beam mass spectrometer. H2O2 was observed as a main product of HO2 interaction with salt surface indicating a heterogeneous HO2 self reaction mechanism. The results show that the HO2 loss through heterogeneous interaction with salt surface is not sufficiently rapid to explain the observed differences between modelled and measured HO2 concentrations in remote coastal areas. (ACL 99).