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3.3 Activités de recherche arrêtées

3.3.1 Plasma-aided combustion

The aim of this program was to investigate theoretically and experimentally the kinetics and mechanisms of non-conventional combustion at the presence of electronically excited singlet oxygen molecules. This work was the subject of a collaboration with Lehrsthul Strömungsmechanik und für Strömungstecknik (LSS) at the University of Magdeburg) ; it was supported by an INTAS program (ACL143, ACTI81, ACTI82, ACTI93, ACTI94, ACTI95, ACTI96, ACTI107, TH25).

3.3.2 Simulation of rarefied gas flows by the Monte Carlo method

The code DISIRAF was updated in order to take into account physical models of internal modes relaxation to simulated rarefied hot gases in thermal non equilibrium. This study was financially supported by CNES.

3.3.3 Interaction of atomic oxygen with surfaces

This research activity was conducted in the plasma wind tunnel Pelican which is now dismantled.